Wild Turkey Zombie


So I found a wild turkey zombie on Jordan Lake yesterday.

I was out on Jordan Lake in a kayak yesterday and after a while I noticed a wild turkey feeding on insects in the sand nearby.  So I started filming.

As I approached, I noted first a respectable beard on the bird. It looked to be a 10″ beard. ┬áThen, it became odd that he let me approach so easily. Now, if you know anything about wild turkeys you’ll know they are very, wary animals with extremely good eyesight.

I’ve never gotten so close to a turkey in my life and it almost ran into me a few times, especially when it flew almost straight into me near the end of the video. You won’t believe what this bird does. I’ve seen wildlife doing some strange things over the last few years, but this takes the cake.

I only have a few theories as to why this bird acted the way it did. 1. It was the feed! The bird might have just been unwilling to leave prime browse – doubtful. 2. His lady was nearby; it is spring – also doubtful. 3. He’d been run out of gameland by hunters scouting for the opener on April 1st. – possible, but Jordan is permit only for turkey and the woods have been pretty vacant since deer season – also doubtful 4. ZOMBIE TURKEYS!!!!!!

Seriously though, check out this crazy encounter with this wild turkey.


Wild Turkey Bachelor Group (VIDEO)


When in the wild, look with your eyes…not your feet, not with your paddle or oars; nor your pedals. The secrets and hidden treasures require you to slow down and pay close undivided attention.

I hit the water this afternoon after work. I wasn’t there for any specific reason; just watching and looking; basically learning.

(if you look close you can make out at least a 10″ beard in this pic)


But I found a good many lessons through careful observation; and beauty as well. I came across this group of turkeys while paddling just after a light rain shower. They had come to the shore to dry their wings and began to feed on bugs likely doing the same.

The sky was mostly cloudy this afternoon, then the sun would peak through at times. I was able to snap this shot during an in between period.


Then I got out of the kayak and rock-hopped through the river for quite a while, as it is very low at present, and came across this beautifully colored rock formation, and then a large downed pine tree.



Of course there were a few fish caught, but no keepers this afternoon. I only fished perhaps ten or fifteen minutes after exploring a while, but soon the rain got heavy and I opted to head for home. It was a rich day nonetheless.