Cedarscrimshaw.com is now live!

After 5 years of building the brand, cedarscrimshaw.com is now live and taking orders!

I bought the domain name a couple weeks ago, and my good friend Scott Kroggel helped me build the website. We launched it yesterday and the site is already getting orders…Of course the first order placed was for a lion!

This has been a dream for me since 2015 when I created the very first cedar scrimshaw for my Father on Father’s Day. Now, I am working on #145 today, they are selling in multiple stores in North Carolina, have been selling on social media pages, and finally they have an online home…. cedarscrimshaw.com!

These are perfect gifts for anyone in your life that loves lions, hummingbirds, viking ships, sea turtles, gamefish like striped bass, mahi, grouper, snook, etc. even great white and tiger sharks!

The smaller pieces start at just $30 so these original pieces of artwork drawn on my custom, chainsaw-milled cedar pieces are very affordable!

You can see samples on the Custom Woodworking page on this site, or go right to cedarscrimshaw.com and place an order there!

And commissions of whatever you would like drawn are highly suggested. Personal pieces make up over 50% of my orders so email me and we will create something very special for you or those special people in your life.

Thank you for your support!!!

Southern Charm is Now Selling My Tables

Southern Charm, a unique retail store in the Cary Towne Center Mall, is now selling my tables.

The store is a co-op between the owners and many talented local artists in North Carolina. I feel truly blessed to have been allowed to sell my products here, as the items within are handmade and representative of a time when craftsmanship meant something in this country.

The store sells wooden monogram letters, hand-crafted artisan jewelry, all kinds of holiday gift ideas; including items for Halloween and Thanksgiving presently, there is an abundance of ACC merchandise, as well as bath and body soaps and lotions. They even have school supplies and most of the vendors will accept custom orders.

And of course you can find my tables and other products there….

table2 final10-12-15clamp1table1

Southern Charm is located at 1105 Walnut Street in Cary, NC, in the mall, located near the Food Court, and is open 7 days a week. If you need holiday gift ideas, or just want to find something rare for yourself, please give them a visit and see all the wonderful crafts they have in the store.