Lions & Dragons

Lions & Dragons

My Lions & Dragons piece is finished.

Of course there is symbolism in this piece, so I will explain.

The small lion in the foreground is standing alone, on a rock cliff facing the dragon. This lion represents he or she who would dare to stand against corruption. The dragon represents corruption or evil.

The large lion in the background, hidden from the dragon, represents society, paused and ready to back the brave lions play.

Lions & Dragons. It’s a fairy tale.


I wrapped the wing around the right side and when you walk by the piece it looks as if the wing is flexing. Creepy!


Some Recent Projects

Here are a few recent projects I’ve been working on.

Fall is especially busy for me with landscaping. Most of my clients have fully wooded lots so cleanups are constant thru early winter. But I’ve kept myself busy with some new woodworking pieces too.

I thought this piece of wood was just beautiful almost as is, but it did take a good deal of sanding to make it just right. This piece is spoken for already.

glnmich gmxmas

This clock is my second and it keeps great time. It’s as smooth as bone. I’m leaving it unstained and it is also spoken for.

clock12-6 clock12-6a

And this lamp is my brother’s Christmas present. I love the base on this one!


I’ll have time this winter on wet and cold days to keep creating so be on the lookout for more.