Latest Cedar Scrimshaws™

Got a few more cedar scrimshaws finished over the last few weeks.

As usual, the wood is always eastern red cedar. I used pastels, color pencils and ink for the color, then used a dremel to inscribe some of the lines.




More Cedar Scrimshaws…

I’ve had a few commissions and gifts to make recently. The cedar scrimshaws are still selling well, and I have more commissions ready to start for 2017!

First I had a client that wanted a dolphin. I’d never done one but I enjoyed the process.


Then a few gifts for family members.


The Magnolias were popular…



And a few more star sign pieces…



As usual the lines are all engraved after being drawn (except for the dolphin). But all the lines including artwork, script and signature are. I used water colors, pastels, color pencils and ink on these.

Some are harder to let go than others, whether gifts or commissions.

Love em!





Lions & Dragons

Lions & Dragons

My Lions & Dragons piece is finished.

Of course there is symbolism in this piece, so I will explain.

The small lion in the foreground is standing alone, on a rock cliff facing the dragon. This lion represents he or she who would dare to stand against corruption. The dragon represents corruption or evil.

The large lion in the background, hidden from the dragon, represents society, paused and ready to back the brave lions play.

Lions & Dragons. It’s a fairy tale.


I wrapped the wing around the right side and when you walk by the piece it looks as if the wing is flexing. Creepy!


A Turtle & Maritime Battle…

More Cedar Scrimshaw pieces…

Maritime Dispute 

I happen to have Isaac Brumaghim, from the reality show Pacific Warriors, on my Facebook List and saw a really cool pic he took of a sea turtle a while back. I asked him if it would be ok for me to use the pic as a reference photo for some of my pieces and he agreed. So this is my first sea turtle.

Sea Turtle
Photo by: Issac Brumaghim

More Cedar Scrimshaw Pieces

Artwork: Tom Sullivan – 2 Lions

I’ve been trying to figure out what to call these mixed media creations.

On more than one occasion friends and customers have remarked they look like a form of scrimshaw. So perhaps I’ll go with cedar scrimshaw for a while. Here is another new piece.

This one, along with the ‘Stripers Feeding’ piece I did a few weeks ago are headed to New Elements Gallery in Wilmington tomorrow with a new representative.

Escaping the Whirlpool


This is the first time I’ve wrapped the design around the wood. It was challenging, but I like how it turned out.


Lions – Inseparable Brothers


Artwork by Tom Sullivan – Inseparable Brothers

Here are a few new pieces..The lions are my favorite so far.

As usual these are drawn by hand and then I use a dremel to engrave the designs into the wood. I have started using pastels, water colors and regular color pencils on these too. I think they are coming along nicely.

Buddha and Lotus flower – Sold
Kraken in Rough Seas
Stripers Feeding
Kraken and Viking Ship