Links to Blog Awards

Below are links to several of my reports that recieved front page blog awards on, a premier fishing report site in North Carolina. The site is heavy in how-to articles and details about what is hot and where, and is used by anglers and guides alike. Each blog award receives front page status for several days, and is highly coveted among members.

fp111-24-11fr.pgScreenshot 2017-10-09 at 11.25.29 AM

NC Angler Blog Award: Cape Fear Trophy Gar 6-29-14

NC Angler Blog Award: 3 Artificial Slams – 11-24-11

NC Angler Blog Award: Citation Striper – Jordan Lake

NC Angler Blog Award: Big Blue Catfish on Kerr Lake – 3-8-14

NC Angler Blog Award: Gaston Lake – 3-23-13

NC Angler Blog Award: Kerr Lake – 3-29 & 3-30

NC Angler Blog Award: Jordan Lake – 5-12-11

NC Angler Blog Award: Neuse River Stripers – 4-9-16

NC Angler Blog Award: Jordan Lake Tailwalker – 10-7-17


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