I have listed some links below to people that I follow and admire. They offer different services and are highly recommended.

Barbara Terry at Waldorf Publishing. Basically because Barbara has created an awesome publishing company, a serious challenger to the mainstays, while simultaneously giving opportunities to authors previously published or not, and she pretty much rocks as a person too. And she’s publishing my first collection of essays. Her information is linked below.

Tim “NCPIERMAN” Taramelli is a philanthropist at heart. He can often be found taking veterans or wounded warriors fishing – for free. He also has a successful guide service and I have no doubt if you decided to take a charter with him you would have a blast. He specializes in Red Drum and Trout, but seriously – this guy can catch anything and also chases all freshwater species. If you are in eastern NC – call him. Below are a few links to his websites. is North Carolina’s premier fishing website. It’s a family-oriented website full of recent fishing reports, debates and an absolute load of great people and information. Give their website a look when you’re planning trips or just browsing online. Below is the link to their website.

Karen Pullen is a published author and editor. She wrote the novel Cold Feet, a fiction suspense thriller, and has also written numerous short stories. She is also an editor and recently edited Carolina Crimes – 19 tales Tales of Love, Lust and Longing, and additionally wrote one of the tales for the collection entitled – The Fourth Girl. Karen has also graciously decided to edit my first book coming soon. Below is her website where you can find out more about her work and services.

Wide Open Spaces online magazine. Their website is beautiful and is chock full of any information outside. They gave me my first paid writing contract and the experience was invaluable. If you’re looking to read about adventures, see beautiful photography and incredible videos, or want to research an adventure of your own, see the link below. And yep, I wrote the linked article!!

Seagrove Pottery is a very unique place to shop. They have a colorful assortment of pottery in many forms, but they also feature a few local artists and their crafts. And as of this March 2018, they now sell my cedar scrimshaws and coasters…So I’m thrilled to be able to join in with such a fantastic group of people!






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