I have listed some links below to people that I follow and admire. They offer different services and are highly recommended.

Tim “NCPIERMAN” Taramelli is a philanthropist at heart. He can often be found taking veterans or wounded warriors fishing – for free. He also has a successful guide service and I have no doubt if you decided to take a charter with him you would have a blast. He specializes in Red Drum and Trout, but seriously – this guy can catch anything and also chases all freshwater species. If you are in eastern NC – call him. Below are a few links to his websites.

Bobby Workman is one of the best striper fishermen and guides I know. I’ve been on his boat numerous times, and always catch fish, and have a blast every time. He specializes in striped bass and crappie charters and focuses primarily on Kerr and Jordan Lakes. Below is a link to his website.

Chad Hoover is a busy guy. He is co-owner of HOOK1 Kayak Fishing Gear, which has three locations. He runs the KBF OPEN, an annual two day kayak fishing tournament on Kentucky Lake with HUGE payouts. He has shot many awesome fishing shows on KNOTRIGHT Kayak Fishing and Kayak Bassin’ TV. He developed CONSEAL – a silent traction system – a durable sound dampening technology which is now available at HOOK1, and is a published author to boot. Some of Chad’s links are listed below.

Karen Pullen is a published author and editor. She wrote the novel Cold Feet, a fiction suspense thriller, and has also written numerous short stories. She is also an editor and recently edited Carolina Crimes – 19 tales Tales of Love, Lust and Longing, and additionally wrote one of the tales for the collection entitled – The Fourth Girl. Karen has also graciously decided to edit my first book coming soon. Below is her website where you can find out more about her work and services.





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