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It might not be deer season, but you can do some things now to make next season more successful.

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Chad Hoover Interview Announcement

Chad Hoover

My next interview will feature Chad Hoover.

Chad Hoover is a busy guy to say the least, and he is one of the most influential and charismatic guys in the sport of kayak fishing. His credentials are extremely impressive, and he may well be the most recognizable face and personality in the industry today.

Chad is a partner at HOOK1, a cutting edge kayak fishing gear store. He has also filmed two fishing series, Knot Right Kayak Fishing which ran episodes on NBC, and a newer show KAYAK BASSIN’ TV, which airs on World Fishing Network. He hosts the KBF OPEN yearly, a huge, two-day kayak fishing tournament on Kentucky Lake, which sports hefty, record setting cash prizes in the field of kayak bass fishing, and has also somehow found time to develop CONSEAL – a deadly efficient sound dampening system for kayaks, which he is understandably very excited about.

Chad is currently focusing on opening the HOOK1 location in Hendersonville on April 1st 2015, and managing all the complexities of his tournament series, which is a qualifying event for the 2016 KBF Open, which will again be sure to have record-setting cash payouts. He is also engrossed in the release of CONSEAL and shooting this season’s episodes of KAYAK BASSIN TV’. This guy is off the hook. His energy and passion are both inspiring and contagious and he continues to branch out in a myriad of directions. Ultra-talented is an understatement.

The interview is in process and will be released soon here on Adventure Nature Writing.

Published Again!

Wide Open Spaces has published my first article for their site.

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I signed contracts last week and the guys at wanted an article in a week’s time. So I sent them two within 24 hours.

Click the link below if you’d like to see their awesome website, and read a few tips on finding big crappie on your local lake right now.

So I bought the domain name.

After some correspondence with an editor I am working with, he noted that I may have created a new sub-genre. He has edited two pieces for One has been published and the second will follow shortly. The headline on my website was Adventure Nature Writing, the url was my name. He thought the headline description was unique and categorized a sub-genre of writing that differs from traditional nature writing, and I agreed. I had already googled it and didn’t find any hits. Luckily, after checking with wordpress, the domain name was available –  so I bought it a few days ago. After viewing the hits counter on my dashboard, I see it definitely makes a difference when you just have the .com, and you own the name. So now I own


Here is the introduction for my upcoming book…

This is the introduction for my book, which is almost complete. I wanted to release it to help generate interest. I will be sending the stories and articles to my editor soon. And I have a promising lead that could mean it might go direct to print, rather than being self-published. Fingers crossed. I’ll keep the updates coming. Thanks to all who have been visiting my site – I really appreciate it.


Paddling, rock climbing, hunting and fishing can be extremely dangerous activities. They can also be very rewarding. There is wisdom to be gained during our adventures as we go through this life. We can gain greater self-confidence from the obstacles we overcome, and the successes we experience during our quests. We learn to trust our companions in many ways we may not comprehend until long after each journey’s end. This book is a collection of short stories, and also contains several “how-to” sections which should help you become a more efficient and successful self-guide. It is highly suggested that anyone reading these stories and articles become keenly aware of the many dangers involved in these hobbies. There are many resources available in print and online, including this book, which will assist you in that regard. Always be honest with yourself concerning your physical and mental capabilities, and do not tread lightly into unknown territories. It could result in the loss of your life – or that of someone you care for.

My goal in this writing is first to tell of some of my more adventurous and interesting stories, including life lessons I gathered from the experiences, while encouraging readers to become self-guides themselves. Second, I will give some specific tips and tactics for becoming more efficient and successful in the art of self-guided excursions. This I hope will enrich your travels, and inspire you to get out and explore your local waters and forests. Third, I hope the writing, while being engaging and descriptive of many beautiful places, will also bring some awareness of the need to conserve and properly manage these irreplaceable natural resources – be they living creatures, bodies of water or trees and plant life. Our rivers, lakes, streams and forests need our help, and we should always strive to practice a leave no trace philosophy when out-of-doors. The future of these magical places and unique wildlife depend on our careful and thoughtful stewardship. We own nothing of the land; this is not possible. We are only being allowed to trespass at present and should never forget this.

Within these writings are tales of fishing and hunting expeditions, as well as rock climbing trips. And of course there are a plethora of photographs provided to back up many of my wild claims! I have been joined by a few very close friends and family members who will also be featured at times. For it is often those we venture abroad with, that ultimately enrich the journeys we undertake to their fullest potential. This is the first volume of my most rewarding and unique wanderings to date. I hope you can enjoy, learn and be inspired from the accounts within.

Safe travels,
Tom Sullivan