My First Book is Ready for Pre-order!!


So after two years of work, my first book is ready for pre-order!!

Waldorf Publishing picked me up a couple years ago, and after two years of editing, marketing tasks, securing endorsements, etc., the title is up on their site and available for pre-order.

I am beyond excited to be able to make this announcement, and want to thank any and all who have helped me make this possible!!

Here is the link!!

Aside From the Harvest

Had Another Front Page on Ncangler this week!

Screenshot 2017-10-09 at 11.25.29 AM

My buddy Scott and I hit Jordan Lake again on Sunday for the afternoon, and the fish were really active.

The weather was crazy, with the tropical system quickly passing to our west, the winds were up and down, cloudy one minute, sunny and humid the next. But, the bite was on.

I was trolling KVD 1.0’S all afternoon and caught a ton of fish. Lots of perch, (including a double) largemouth bass, crappie and even a catfish, however, most were smallish.  But after we paddled across the lake, when the wind reached a point from the southeast that pushed the waves to white-capping (trying to escape) we found an area virtually unaffected by the weather and saw a couple bald eagles retreating to a tree approximately 200 yards from our position. Scott loves photographing birds and so we split up for a bit.

photo: Scott Kroggel
photo: Scott Kroggel

He got photographs of eagles and egrets, while I tried to figure out how to fish that side of the lake. After an hour or so, the wind lightened and we were drifting back across the lake, and over a hump; that’s when the bigger bass, maybe 3 pounds plus, hit the slightly moving tiny crankbait. It doubled the rod over and started shaking its head so violently, I was sure it was a striped bass. The fight lasted probably 4 or 5 minutes too, this bass was a really hardy character, which allowed Mr. Kroggel to get some really cool pics….

photo: Scott Kroggel
photo: Scott Kroggel

….which led to the front page on Monday morning. I even had a violently-ill crappie stick a hook in my finger for this effort!! The audacity of that pound for pound superior fighting fish! Actually, I boat flipped it green and paid the price lol.

photo: Scott Kroggel

Anyhow, I was really happy my friend was able to receive some validation, only a few months after starting to perfect a new craft. And great fishing made it that much better. To many more adventures…

It was a perfect Sunday.


‘Afield & Afloat in NC’ has a Home

Bro in the background @ Bay River

And it will be in print.

So I am excited to announce my collection of essays, ‘Afield & Afloat – How to Become a More Effective Self Guide’ has been picked up by Waldorf Publishing.

I responded to a call for submissions with a query, after seeing a tweet a short time ago. Yep a tweet.

The project has been ongoing for almost two years presently, and has just cleared editing, and in addition this was the first query. I couldn’t be happier with the experience with dealing with Waldorf so far. They are a serious traditional publisher with nothing but good things to be expected from now and in the future.

So thank you to Waldorf Publishing for taking a chance on my many experiences, as well as my random ponderings, thank you to Karen Pullen for putting up with me during the editing process, and for all the knowledge she has given me over the last few years, and especially for the encouragement she offered when I thought this dream was long gone, and thank you to my family, friends and followers for just plain putting up with me.

Safe Travels

Watch This Young Lady Land a Huge Tiger Shark


I found this video online and wrote about it for my latest WOS post.

She fights the shark for quite some time and while she has some help landing the big tiger, she gets mad props for being out all night and fighting such a behemouth.

Nice job. Check out the video at Wide Open Spaces…

Warning – Brutal Footage and Some Funny Stuff


Animal Attack Compilation

Tigers are unreal. I don’t normally post anything like this or watch it. But trying to find videos for WOS weekly has me looking past fishing adventures.

The first ambush 27 seconds into the video is amazing. The way the big cat comes out of short green grass and attempts to reach the guy on top of the elephant is simply awesome. This guy is lucky to escape with his life. I do not hunt anything I don’t eat, and I would never hunt something so rare either. However, it looks like this animal was a problem cat. Judging by the video, they are in an agriculture area and the tiger had probably already attacked a human.

Fortunately these sorts of incidents are on the decline. India has had its share of tiger/human interactions over the years as human populations have exploded and tiger habitat has diminished. Its heartbreaking really.

But I imagine if a tiger were killing people in your neighborhood, where your children played, something would have to be done. In this country we try to re-locate wildlife, like bears for instance, when they become dangerous. But there are times when the bears injure or kill, or keep coming back to the same populated areas. This is most unfortunate, and I don’t claim to know the answer to the problem.

I posted and wrote about the video because the raw power of this tiger is something to behold. Nothing more, nothing less.

The second tiger attack on the video is not as impressive, but likely was deadly. Viewer discretion is advised.

Click the link below to read the story and see the video at Wide Open Spaces.