Photo by: Bob Dainton


My name is Tom Sullivan, and I am an avid, self-guided outdoorsman, writer and artist. I am a creative, cross genre writer specializing in nonfiction nature writing, fantasy, how-to and op-ed.

After 4 years of art classes in high school, including independent study, I also attended and graduated from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh , NC in 1995. Later, I began writing fishing reports, eight of which received front-page blog awards on Ncangler.com. From these reports I have begun to create more elaborate essays, detailing the experiences and observations.  And now I’m excited to announce Waldorf Publishing has picked up a collection of my essays which will be in print in August of 2018. I’m under contract! I also wrote for Wideopenspaces.com for the majority of 2015, but had to resign there to concentrate on my projects and landscaping business.

I hope my writing, while being engaging and descriptive of many beautiful places, will also bring some awareness of the need to conserve and properly manage the irreplaceable natural resources we all enjoy. Our rivers, lakes, streams and forests need our help, and we should always strive to practice a leave no trace philosophy when out-of-doors. The future of these magical places and unique wildlife depend upon our careful and thoughtful stewardship.

Also, for anyone interested in custom artwork involving narture and it’s wonderful creatures, please visit cedarscrimshaw.com

So welcome to my site and feel free to leave comments or questions and I will get back to you.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday on the Roanoke River at Williamston. The fellows who joined me fishing at the kayak launch had caught multiple stripers there the previous two evenings, but the school moved on. Anyway, I’m enjoying your site. Best regards.

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  2. Hey it was cool to meet you too. And I appreciate the support and kind words. The Roanoke should continue heating up and soon the fish should reach Weldon. Stay in touch and since you’re in Cary also maybe we can fish sometime. Good luck on the turkey my friend…


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