Sunday Thoughts


We’ve allowed falsehoods and misinformation to permeate every facet of our society. Because we have stopped listening to each other, and we, or at least those who seek to understand the wider world around them through the media, now only listen to one side of the aisle.

We, as a society, and our near total inability, as a society, to battle cognitive dissonance, have allowed this to occur very easily. We have become so divided because we have lost the ability to be considerate and empathetic, unless of course, there’s a natural disaster. Otherwise, as soon as we hear or see something we don’t understand or agree with at face value, particularly when it involves any of our foundational belief systems, we, for the most part, become angry at the mechanism of the information, or who revealed it to us. Instead of seeking to understand that which we find so offensive, we instead demonize those who bring it to our attention. Instead of learning, growing, becoming introspective individually and further enlightened humans, we choose to give in to our lowest forms of humanity, in mass.

This is how wars are started, this is how the very wealthy few drive total strangers to kill one another. And it is repeated again and again in our history because it is our nature to be angry and evil towards that which we do not understand. It’s the easiest perceived way out. This has led to war, genocide, animal extinctions and ethnic cleansing all over our planet since the dawn of societies. It’s heartbreaking. There is nothing more painful, than to be aware of such things, and to be powerless to stop it. I don’t wish this sort of awareness on anyone. But the lack of logic and objectiveness that has taken hold of the citizens of this great country drives me to write these words. Thank God there are those left in this world that care not for the opinions of those who risk nothing, while criticizing those who risk everything for no gain whatsoever. We will all remember this is who we are at our core as a society and country before our individual ends.

All of our leaders have become purposefully divisive, corrupted and have no intentions of helping the ‘common man’. Instead they seek to render us powerless and marginalized. Our systems of media have become mouthpieces for the corporations and banks that feed the media machine. If I were to see one thing become universally understood by my fellow citizens in these times, it would be this. ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing’. -Sir Edmund Burke.



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