I Got to Create a Medicine Wheel


So I was asked by a client to create this medicine wheel.

I’d heard of different North American Indian tribes use of the constructs before, but I’d never researched the stone circles in detail.

A medicine wheel is a stone circle believed to have astronomical, medicinal, religious, calendrical and even territorial significance. The meanings the creations had differed depending upon which indigenous peoples built them.

The plains nations peoples were widely known for creating and using the structures. And they were built in many different sizes and for different reasons.

I was able to source stone for the project on site, as these particular clients live in a rocky county with plenty of granite lying around. And the center piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of metal artwork created by a Persian artist my clients knew personally. And interestingly enough, the metal really screws with a compass, or at least it does now that it has been placed in the center of this medicine wheel. Freaky…. And additionally, I hadn’t tried to construct the wheel on the four directions; I was just trying to get a basic idea down and make sure she liked the sizes of the stones. But when she came out, she loved it and asked about the directions. I used the compass, before the metal thing screwed with it, and the north, south, east and west directions aligned perfectly on the appropriate lines.

This client is a healer, and will replace many of the stones with different crystals with different energies as time passes. Her property is a retreat and I’ve been honored to once again help the couple utilize space on their property for such a cool project.

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