‘Afield & Afloat in NC’ has a Home

Bro in the background @ Bay River

And it will be in print.

So I am excited to announce my collection of essays, ‘Afield & Afloat – How to Become a More Effective Self Guide’ has been picked up by Waldorf Publishing.

I responded to a call for submissions with a query, after seeing a tweet a short time ago. Yep a tweet.

The project has been ongoing for almost two years presently, and has just cleared editing, and in addition this was the first query. I couldn’t be happier with the experience with dealing with Waldorf so far. They are a serious traditional publisher with nothing but good things to be expected from now and in the future.

So thank you to Waldorf Publishing for taking a chance on my many experiences, as well as my random ponderings, thank you to Karen Pullen for putting up with me during the editing process, and for all the knowledge she has given me over the last few years, and especially for the encouragement she offered when I thought this dream was long gone, and thank you to my family, friends and followers for just plain putting up with me.

Safe Travels

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