Be Very Quiet…It’s Muzzleloader Season


I decided to get the ole Muzzleloader out and clean it up this morning.

My CVA hasn’t been out of the closet in a year, so I took it apart and cleaned the breach plug and barrel. It wasn’t too dirty, but I always clean the ‘ole smokepole’ before taking it out each season.

Muzzleloaders, should in fact, be cleaned at least every other shot for the most part. Not doing so can either cause a misfire, because the breach plug is fouled, or seriously affect the accuracy of the gun; which is no good when aiming at a live animal.

So I’m going grocery shopping this afternoon, even though it’s about 80 degrees out there. It’s Fall, and the sun is out. I take responsibility for a large portion of the meat I eat every year. I think it’s much better that way.

Hunting should be taken very seriously, and I have never even shot at an animal I have no desire to eat. I don’t judge others who sport hunt, but I do not take part in killing for any reason other than sound wildlife management or the table fare.

So I’m off to the wood, in search of steroid and antibiotic free meat, in search of peace in the shadows of large oak trees, to watch and learn from the forest and to allow myself a day of rewilding and reconnecting to this earth.


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