Recent Woodworking Projects


3 Lions – Artwork by Tom Sullivan – NFS

Here are some new woodworking projects I’m really excited about.

These pieces are all on eastern red cedar and have been etched in with a dremel. The wood has been sanded with 3 grains of paper and is smooth as bone. And each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The inspiration for each piece comes from multiple places. First, I do my best to utilize “bad spots” in the wood grain. For instance the eye of the Cracken, in the first Cracken piece, was a bad spot, and I used it instead of hiding it. Also, in that piece the wood grain was perfect for a whirlpool and no additional lines were needed.

So I may have ideas about something I want to create, but I spend different amounts of time with each piece of wood, as a semi-blank canvas, until I “see” something in it. Then it’s game on and the creating begins.

I hope you like the pieces, and if you have ideas about anything you want, let me know, and I’d love to create something special for you. These make great gifts and I actually have 3 commissions ongoing at present, so if you think you might want something for upcoming holidays, get an order in as soon as you can. Come Christmas time I’ll be very busy!


Great White SharkSold


Tailing RedfishSpoken For
Kraken – NFS



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