When an Oligarchy Trembles…

The people win.

Establishment members and supporters on both sides of the aisle have been frantically attempting to keep the status-quo embedded in this country by trying to discredit, demonize and defeat Donald Trump. You would think with all the sound bytes they’ve been given it would be a simple task.

Yet Super Tuesday showed that Trump is here to stay.

This piece will focus on Trump because he is the front-runner. But I submit that Sanders is doing much the same with his campaign. However, since he is not beating Clinton he has not become the focus of such wrath. Make no mistake, were he (Sanders) to have the success Trump has been afforded, the corporate owned media would be attempting to destroy him just the same.

So why is the establishment trembling in loss? Why are traditional news outlets such as Fox and CNN, with often diametrically opposed viewpoints on seemingly all issues seeming to unite to beat Trump?

Because they see someone who is finally telling the dirty and inconvenient truths in broad daylight. And this exposes the media for what it has become…a mouthpiece for giant corporations.

True, Trump admits freely and openly and constantly that he has given to both sides of the aisle and then gets what he wants in return (as far as favorable legislation for his many business interests), he makes products over seas, he has used illegal labor, and says (at times) outlandish things. He has made bigoted remarks and at times has been racially divisive. But who hasn’t in government?

The one difference; the reason he will win not only the republican nomination, but the general election in an historical landslide; is that he (whether he’s being honest or not about his intentions, or being above the take) has allowed a large portion of this populace, who truly believe our government is not only corrupt, but seemingly only catering to the extremely wealthy, to speak their minds absent of fear, openly, and without the stigma of being a “tin-foil hat”.

Before Trump, no one, not a man or woman, while running for the presidency of the United States, has ever stood in front of hundreds and thousands of people and seemed to have an awakening, or a conscience; leading to such brutal and much needed honesty in this country; repeatedly and without fear of consequences or retribution. Perhaps if Elizabeth Warren were to run, she would say many of the same things (without the roughness or frankness of a brute however). If Trump’s apparent epiphany is real…it’s beautiful. If not…it’s at least brilliant; in a ‘let’s end the Bretton Woods system and base our currency on other countries natural resources kind of way’. This hint should not need links or such lengthy explanations to Americans to be understood, the petro-dollar system should be understood intrinsically by our populace; it should, in fact, be fifth grade education in this country. But that would lead to far different foreign policy decisions, and believe it or not, to America still being seen as the undeniable beacon of hope in this world.

True, most of his average supporters do not understand the real definition of either the petro-dollar system or diplomacy. But they don’t need to. They are real, hard-working Americans who have smelled something fishy for far too long now. When lies become so apparent because our leaders answers to simple questions become oral, legal documents (not understood by even the most educated lawyers) the people smell rotten fish flesh in the kitchen.

The baby boomers, or plainly stated; those who have come before generation X, have lost touch with reality in this country. They think the old adage which roughly states ‘work hard and you’ll be a success’ is still scripture. They don’t see that the majority of those who are in the working class in this country are barely getting by, they don’t see that most families live check to check, or simply allow themselves to be subsidized by their government. They don’t admit the middle class is disappearing or that the lower class is growing. They don’t want to see it…the establishment doesn’t want them to see it (because it would lead to their immediate dismissal)…so they don’t. Well not only does Trump, or Bernie Sanders for that matter, understand these truths, they are both exposing them.

They are exposing foreign policy mistakes, trade-agreement mistakes, leadership decision mistakes, and large-scale corruption. And they are doing it daily in front of crowds that absolutely dwarf any that their competitors can draw. Both men are drawing out those who have never exercised their 15th amendment right (or the later 19th amendment right guaranteeing women the right to vote) and even those who have not voted in a long, long time.

If anything good comes from this election, regardless of who is ultimately elected president; it will be the awakening of an enormous and unstoppable giant…the American working class. When eyes are opened, and followers become leaders; the oligarchy just might die, and along with it the relics of a 50 year period in this country we should never forget.

I write this not to support Trump for president, because I have no way to know if he’s being genuine or has simply tapped into an underlying current in this country to win an election and further flatter himself. But on the chance, the slim and possible chance this man has seen what he has taken advantage of for so long; and not liked it; and that he just might want to truly upend the status-quo and actually cater to the ‘we the people’ for a change; I commend him, along with Bernie Sanders, for causing a large portion of this citizenry to pay attention for the first time, in a long time with their eyes open.


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