I’ve Started Crafting Custom Cedar Tables

table2 finalTable22 & 3

I’ve been collecting pieces of unique and beautiful wood for some time now.

Some pieces I use for taxidermy projects and some for tables or other crafts I’ll soon be making.

Very often I find unique cedar on my landscaping customer’s properties, or friend’s or family member’s properties, and after consent I remove them. I also find them in the ocean, or down east in coastal waterways which are not bordered by any public lands; be they wildlife lands, refuges or state parks. While public rivers that are navigable are good places to find driftwood; you must make sure that you never remove anything (stone, stick, wood, artifacts, etc.) from within the boundaries of any state park or any game lands. Also never remove wood on the shoreline on a river as the bordering land could well be private land. Disclaimer over lol.


You can own a one-of-a-kind custom made driftwood glass top table that has been crafted by using water-cured and sun-cured cedar. I have also taken the extra step to fully submerge any pieces of wood meant for interior use in a 2% to 5% bleach solution for 48 hours. This action will lighten the wood a touch more and insure no critters have made it their home. These tables are great for interior or exterior purposes. The high quality glass is 3/8″ or 1/2″ in thickness and the edges are polished for safety and enhanced appearance.

I will make any sized table you want. If you want a truly custom job, contact me and we will design exactly what you are looking for. I will search out a truly beautiful piece of wood to meet and exceed your expectations before assembly of the table even begins. They are also being sold here ===>> http://www.southerncharmgiftboutique.com


I truly love searching out these wonderful wooded compositions and think I have an eye for finding a piece of wood meant just for you. These tables are sturdy and beautiful; what do you think?

More pics to come soon…

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