Lions & Dragons

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” -Sir Edmund Burke

Lions own their pasts and work to heal the scars created by old wounds.

Dragons simply divide and lay waste to rewrite their roles in such history; presently and at great peril to mankind. And these dragons hide amongst you in the shadows and hills of all great lands.

Serpents use your faith, desire to voyeur and your love; and the only weakness provided by this love; to divide you, distract you and mislead you every single day. It has been screamed bloody murder at you; and yet you do not hear. It has been blown by the falsely cleansing flames under your feet; and still you do not feel. Some of these dragons even succumb to their guilt in the waning years of their lives; confessing their sins and attempting to enlighten you; and still you will not judge.

Your faith is being bastardized. Magnificent religious and historical icons are being destroyed here and there; across the oceans in lands not familiar, but even in your townships at present, and utterly recognizable; Palmyra, The Great Mosque of Samarra, The Confederate Flag, The Buddhas of Bamiyan, Sanaa Old City, Bosra, The Great Mosque of Aleppo, Nimrud, Jonahs’s Tomb, Cyrene, The Museum of Islamic Art and many more across the world; in countries such as Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Gaza, the U.S. and more. These are not new happenings. There were myriads of historical works of art and literature destroyed and stolen during the second World War in countries such as France, Italy and England. It seems no countries are immune to this erasing of history that has been ongoing on the planet for decades or more. You may think it’s just a useless, divisive flag here in the U.S., but you’d be wrong, the list of monuments under attack from those wishing to erase history, rather than address and correct the wrongs that are continually perpetuated is longer than you know.

True, many see these monuments in the U.S. as racist reminders of an oppressive and brutal history, but what happens when we do not recall our history? Do we need to be reminded again? Do we not see that politicians offering up sacrificial offerings to appease our visual needs is not solving the real problems of social and class divide in this great country?

Your wealth is being plundered and your rights are being plucked; gently from your grasp; while you are awake, while you sleep and while you watch.

It’s done with your permission. It’s done with your ire. It’s done with endless perpetual conflict, consuming those you love so dearly; and also with the pen; with treasonous Roman-like legislators pandering obviously to such a perilous few; while tens of millions sit seemingly helpless; willing spectators of their own certain demise.

Act now or forever hold your tongues. Forced viral doctrines and documents demanding the uncompromising end to lifelong lawmaking can see beautiful democracy become truly long-lived; but only devoid of emotion or haste.

Look not to the deepest entrenched dragons, whispering sweet nothings falsely into your ears; they simply wish to be the next figureheads taking up the vulnerable position behind you.

Make no mistakes in this regard. It’s repeating itself again and again; and the results, which many have revealed to you at great length over the millenniums, will not deviate.

There are indeed far nobler outcomes in life, than to die of old age; clutching material wealth as you pass from here to beyond.

It is no mistake that so little was said about lions. This is because it seems so few actually exist.

“To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage, or of principle…” – Confucius

9 thoughts on “Lions & Dragons

  1. Tom, did you know that I am unable to comment on your web site? I get sent to an error page? That has nothing to do with your blog? And when I try to email you from the blog I get the same error? Thought you would like to know. I can get screen shots if you would like to see where I am ending up.

    peace and grace,

    doc ellen



  2. I have my site setup to approve comments Ellen. Since I’ve set it up, I’ve started receiving a ton of junk email and nonsense comments, so I’m going through them to make sure people aren’t just trying to self promote themselves or their products. If they want to advertise they need to approach me through my email and work out a deal.


  3. If they really want to contact me and the email setup isn’t working thru the site, it more than likely means spam. If they really need to contact me, they can go through their personal email and prove they aren’t a machine. Peace to you as well.


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