Chase it to the Horizon


What is it that makes you feel most alive? What is it that causes you to seek honest introspection and forces you to live outside of yourself and your comfort zone? It pulses in your veins and makes you love yourself; makes you love others; that is what you must seek passionately. That is what you must chase without hesitation; chase it like it’s the last sunset of your life. Chase it down to the horizon like you’ll never see it again; and when it’s right at the point of disappearing forever; enjoy it, love it, understand it; grab a hold of it and hold it there as tight as you dare. Never let it go. Never let it escape, because that is your essence. It’s why you’re here. It’s why you still have breath in you and why you’re still seeking and wondering. It’s always been right in front of you. You just have to own it and embrace it. 

To some it will come as easily as breathing. They were born at a precise moment in time, and all will align in absolute perfection. To most: it will be anything but perfect. It will be painfully elusive and seem forever out of reach. But it’s not. It’s right at the edge of your grasp. You just have to believe it. You just have to reach a little further than you think you should. But it will be well worth it.

It’s your purpose and it’s waiting for you. It’s waiting for you like your significant other was. Trust your heart. Trust your inner dialogue. It’s telling you the truth. And though this journey will surely beat many of us down; cause us the most despair, doubt and pain. It’s happening just the way it’s meant to. It’s the path that will strengthen your convictions, and reveal your destiny. It will ultimately ease all pains. It will end all doubts; those you hold onto yourself, and those others place upon you.

You should love those who are constantly around you, and what you spend the most time doing without any doubt or hesitation. Our time here is so short. It’s not even measurable.

To some this calling could be creative in nature. It could be philanthropic or faith based. It could be to teach or to enlighten. Or it could be to govern or to police. It may be to entertain or to nurture; to judge or to listen and aid.

Whatever your path, seek something that makes you feel alive, something that makes the hair on your arms stand at attention daily, something that makes you cry, laugh and do so without any cares of what anyone around you thinks about it. Love the sound of your own laughter and shed anyone who tries to silence it. Shed them not to elevate yourself, but to love yourself. Have no inhibitions or encumbrances. Laugh and cry out loud, and at the top of your lungs, because this will bring those into your life that share your convictions and passions. These are the strangers that will enrich your life and see that you reach your goals with no ulterior motives in their hearts. Trust these people without hesitation. Never let anyone tell you you can’t. Never let their fear cause you to doubt yourself or your path. Chase it to the horizon

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