Summer Striper Fishing is Heating Up…Doubles!


I got out on a local lake the other day and while it was hot, the striped bass were starting to school up.

I was even able to stay on a school for a few hours, trolling around with two rods double-rigged with bucktails and sassy shads. This is an awesome summertime tactic for anglers to chase these fish.

I’d come across the school, mark them on my sonar and know something was going to happen. The fish were feeding 15 feet down in 30 feet of water and luckily I use leadcore. All I had to do was troll around with two colors out, along with the weight of the tackle considered for each rig, and I knew exactly where my lures were running. Leadcore is colored and weighted line. This allows you to more accurately know your depth if you’re flat-lining for stripers without down-riggers.

The first double (feature photo) was one fish on each rod I was trolling, both on bucktails. I just kept slowly trolling along while fighting the first rod to go off and after a minute or so the other rod also went off. I landed the first fish, got the two lures secured lol, then grabbed the second rod and fought that fish to the boat.  One was almost 22 inches and between 4 and 5 pounds, the second fish only an 18incher. The Native Mariner with its pedal drive makes this type of fishing possible. I couldn’t troll with two double-rigged rods with an oar in my hands.

The second double of the day (an hour later) was a different thing altogether. I had one rod go off and began to fight the fish, but after a few minutes of steadily moving along while fighting the striper (to keep the other rod with its 2 baits running) I actually hooked another fish on the sassy shad rigged with the bucktail on the rod I was already fighting. I could suddenly feel the load increase but the 7 foot ugly stick held the load nicely.



So the weight increased a good bit with two 22” stripers on one rod. But I was able to land both of ’em. That was interesting.

I was able to measure 3 of the 6 striped bass I caught that afternoon for kayak wars and even caught a good white too.

Fun afternoon on the lake after my “real job”.


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