Chad Hoover Interview Announcement

Chad Hoover

My next interview will feature Chad Hoover.

Chad Hoover is a busy guy to say the least, and he is one of the most influential and charismatic guys in the sport of kayak fishing. His credentials are extremely impressive, and he may well be the most recognizable face and personality in the industry today.

Chad is a partner at HOOK1, a cutting edge kayak fishing gear store. He has also filmed two fishing series, Knot Right Kayak Fishing which ran episodes on NBC, and a newer show KAYAK BASSIN’ TV, which airs on World Fishing Network. He hosts the KBF OPEN yearly, a huge, two-day kayak fishing tournament on Kentucky Lake, which sports hefty, record setting cash prizes in the field of kayak bass fishing, and has also somehow found time to develop CONSEAL – a deadly efficient sound dampening system for kayaks, which he is understandably very excited about.

Chad is currently focusing on opening the HOOK1 location in Hendersonville on April 1st 2015, and managing all the complexities of his tournament series, which is a qualifying event for the 2016 KBF Open, which will again be sure to have record-setting cash payouts. He is also engrossed in the release of CONSEAL and shooting this season’s episodes of KAYAK BASSIN TV’. This guy is off the hook. His energy and passion are both inspiring and contagious and he continues to branch out in a myriad of directions. Ultra-talented is an understatement.

The interview is in process and will be released soon here on Adventure Nature Writing.

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