Tim NCPIERMAN Taramelli – Interview Announcement

Tim Taramelli

I am pleased to announce my first interview. I have followed this guy for years. We first began communicating on ncangler.com and then moved to Facebook. We now speak on a regular basis on the phone and often our discussions go on for some time. Tim is passionate, intelligent and literally a walking fishing machine. He regularly takes wounded warriors on free guided fishing excursions, and also runs a successful guiding outfit. His knowledge of fishing is perhaps outweighed by some of his interests; including removing commercial netting practices from North Carolina inshore waterways and estuaries. These areas serve as nurseries for a vast variety of marine wildlife. Tim, among thousands of other citizens of this state would like to see NC follow the rest of the east coast state’s lead in discontinuing this harmful and irresponsible trend. North Carolina, is in fact, the only state left on the east coast that allows such practices. Tim is a very modest and humble man, and seeks no personal gain from his political passions. He is also currently battling with state officials regarding access for kayakers at a wildlife ramp in eastern NC, and can use all the support we can give him. We are currently conducting the interview, and it will be appearing on this site in the next week or two. You can connect with Tim on his website http://pawdukes2.wix.com/ncpierman .

Tim Taramelli


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